The Best Planner For An Organized Life

The best planner for an organized life --Jitney's Journeys AgendaIf you are an overwhelmed mother/wife/girl boss in need of order and sanity in your life, you might need a planner.  I used a planner when I was in college and it made such a huge difference in my time management, but after college I sort of got out of the habit of using one. I am a huge list maker! I make grocery lists, goal lists, to-do lists, etc. but they get lost in a pile of papers or in the black hole of my purse (things truly do go in there and disappear!) and it’s just wasn’t organized. So today I’m going to tell you about the best planner I have found for an organized life.

Must-Have Cleaning Essentials

Must-Have Cleaning Essentials | Spring Cleaning Series | Week 1

I’m so excited for the month of April! Spring is here and with that comes that impulse to clean your home from top to bottom! I am NOT a huge fan of cleaning, in fact, I have no shame in admitting that I do the bare minimum to maintain our home. Keepin’ it real ya’ll! If I ever strike gold or win the lottery, hiring someone to clean my house is at the top of my list! But I digress. If you have been pregnant before you know what this impulse is like, it’s akin to that feeling you get toward the end of your pregnancy called “nesting”. I honestly wish I got the impulse more often, I would be so much more productive. 😉

This month I will be doing a post every Friday all about cleaning tips, and organization! I have a lot of great stuff lined up for you all including a guest post from a sweet friend of mine! You will not want to miss these posts, I will have lots of great insights, freebies, and even a giveaway! YAY!