Easy Dairy-Free Cold Brew Iced Coffee

Up until last summer I NEVER drank coffee. What?! That’s right, I spent 26 years of my life without coffee. But after having my second child I decided to start trying to drink coffee because ya’ll, I was exhausted! And well as I’m sure you probably guessed, that was the beginning to what will now be a long and happy relationship.

When my second child was only a few months old we realized that, yet again, we had a child with a severe intolerance to dairy and possibly soy. This intolerance is known as MSPI (I will be writing a post about our experiences with MSPI soon). Long story short, I had to cut out all dairy and soy from my diet while breastfeeding. So I began trying to find little ways to treat myself in an effort to stay sane on such a restrictive diet. Enter dairy-free cold brew iced coffee!Easy dairy-free cold brew iced coffee recipe you will LOVE! Whether your are lactose intolerant, on the paleo diet or you just simply don't like dairy, this iced coffee is a must try!!