Must-Have Cleaning Essentials

Must-Have Cleaning Essentials | Spring Cleaning Series | Week 1

I’m so excited for the month of April! Spring is here and with that comes that impulse to clean your home from top to bottom! I am NOT a huge fan of cleaning, in fact, I have no shame in admitting that I do the bare minimum to maintain our home. Keepin’ it real ya’ll! If I ever strike gold or win the lottery, hiring someone to clean my house is at the top of my list! But I digress. If you have been pregnant before you know what this impulse is like, it’s akin to that feeling you get toward the end of your pregnancy called “nesting”. I honestly wish I got the impulse more often, I would be so much more productive. 😉

This month I will be doing a post every Friday all about cleaning tips, and organization! I have a lot of great stuff lined up for you all including a guest post from a sweet friend of mine! You will not want to miss these posts, I will have lots of great insights, freebies, and even a giveaway! YAY!