Guide to Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Entertaining

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Can you believe that it is already fall and that Thanksgiving is right around the corner? This is without a doubt my favorite time of year! The past couple of years I have hosted Thanksgiving dinner for our whole family, and when I say our whole family, I mean everyone from my family and my husband’s family all around one table! I absolutely love hosting Thanksgiving! There is just something so special about gathering everyone together and being able to look around the table at the many blessings in your life. I wanted to put together a Guide to Farmhouse Style Thanksgiving Entertaining¬†to help you get ready for entertaining guests this Thanksgiving.

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Rustic Paper Airplane Party

My sweetest little love turned one this weekend! I cannot even believe it has been a full year since I gave birth to him. The memories from that day are still as fresh in my mind as if they were a few days ago! It was such an incredible birth experience, perhaps I should write about it sometime!

We had such a wonderful time this weekend celebrating with our closest family and friends! I’m so glad that, despite being sick for two days this past week, it came together just as I had envisioned. My friends and family probably think I go over-the-top with the party decorations for our boys, but I just cannot help myself! I love creating everything for the parties, it’s a good excuse to break out the sewing machine and get out my crafting supplies! So enough of this rambling on, let’s get to the stuff you actually came here to see!

Rustic Paper Airplane Party | Rustic paper airplane party with all handmade party decorations and ticking stripe banner. FREE printable banner template!

Why Gather and Flourish?


Why did I choose the name Gather and Flourish?

I feel like this is the perfect post to start my blog because it was the one thing that kept me from starting for so long!

I had the idea a while ago to start a lifestyle blog where I could write about all the DIY projects and renovations that we do to our home, and a place where I could have a creative outlet to escape from the mundane of everyday life with toddlers. Yes, I said it, sometimes I don’t like being a full-time SAHM. Whew, that felt good to say aloud (or rather, type)!

I needed somewhere to channel my creativity and have that piece of me that isn’t wrapped up in being a mommy, wife, housekeeper…you get the picture. So I spent tons of time researching how to start a blog, and learning what it would take to make this happen. Of course, everything I read said that to start, you have to have a really good name. Great! So I sat down and started brainstorming and writing down all the keywords, topics, etc. that I wanted to write about on my blog, hoping something would just jump off the page. Alas, no such luck.